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BS/MD Programs accelerate your child's education towards a rewarding career in medicine.

Accelerated BS/MD Programs are open to high school seniors who are interested in entering a career in the medicine. The benefits are endless. For one, many of these programs offer guaranteed admission to medical school, which is a huge advantage.

However, with each program offering spots to only about 10-15 students per year, admission into one of these programs requires strategic planning and outstanding admission essays, to mention a few.

Research has demonstrated that a career in medicine is lucrative, personally rewarding, financially stable and less stressful than other top careers.  This is why more and more students (and their parents) are applying to medical school from high school.

Why Hire Us for Combined BS/MD Programs Admissions?   

(1) Your child can basically be called “Dr.” from their senior year in high school.

(2) No need for worrying about the competitive medical school admissions process while in college.

(3) This comprehensive service is offered to highly motivated and talented students who anticipate a career in medicine or medical science/research.  It is specifically for high school students who interested in applying to BS-MD Programs.  These combined programs offer a unique opportunity to combine undergraduate education and professional studies in medicine into seven or eight years.

Our clients have been accepted to many of these programs including:

  • Brown University Warren Alpert School of Medicine (PLME)
  • Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (HPME)
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/Albany Medical College
  • Boston University School of Medicine - Liberal Arts/Medical Education Program
  • University of Connecticut School of Medicine (SPiM)
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine - Guaranteed Admit Program
  • University of Rochester - Rochester Early Medical Scholars (REMS)
  • Rice University/Baylor College of Medicine - Medical Scholars Program
  • Siena-Albany Medical College
  • Penn State-Jefferson Accelerated Premedical-Medical Program

(4) Our BS/MD Program is provided by Dr. Paul R. Lowe and Dr. Nadine Cartwright-Lowe and our network of BS/MD graduates, former medical school admissions officers and currently enrolled medical students.   Dr. Cartwright-Lowe is a graduate of the Brown University Warren Alpert School of Medicine (PLME) and former adjunct teaching professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

Parents hire us because their goal is to have their children to be accepted in high school AND become medical doctors!

For more details, please visit: BS/MD Admissions Advisors.

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